Our Services

Timing and Scoring:  We use the top of the line scoring software from MyLaps (AMB), Orbits 4 sp2. And the TransX decoders (3). We
        also carry 152ea. Model 160 transponders. Also have the ability to set up 2 remote wireless registration units off the main         
        Scoring Computer and a Results Monitor Computer. NEW.. Result Monitor displayed on side of trailer.

Track Signal Lighting: We have developed along with "Software by Fox" a wireless track signal light system. We can place up t 5     
        light trees around the track, using LED Lighting. Each tree has 1 steady
GREEN Light, 2 alternating YELLOW Lights and 2 double
RED Lights. They can be operated from the scoring table, flag stand or the track steward. They have a range of over 1   
        mile line of sight from the controller.

Radios: We have a working relationship with Rapid-2-Way Radios for rental of Motorola 2 way radios with single or double head        
        sets. They can supply us with as small as a 2 to as large as 100 radio for any event. This also included charges and spare          

Official Flags: We carry 2 sets of Official Racing Flags with greens, whites, checkers, blue wt. yellow stripe, blacks and multiples        
        yellows and reds

Extras: We also carry tables, chair and tents in our 20ft air conditioned transport trailer. Which has a 6500watt on board RV style      
        generator and 19' X 8' canopy off the side for remote registration.

Just Added: We know have aboard a set of scales, with 15" Pads and a 2000 lb. capacity.
Data entry while doing land speed runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats.